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Dr. Soania Mathur

Physician, Patient, Advocate

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I'm a family physician living outside of Toronto, Canada who had to resign my practice following a diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease at age 27. I have now dedicated my time to patient education, writing, and Parkinson's advocacy. I am passionate about sharing with patients the coping strategies available to them in order to face the challenges of adjusting physically and emotionally to this disease.

I have the privilege of being an active speaker in Canada and internationally at patient-directed conferences. I work with a number of excellent organizations including  The Michael J. Fox foundation, the Davis Phinney Foundation, The Brian Grant Foundation, Parkinson Canada, Lakeridge Health Foundation and Parkinson’s Movement UK.  I am also cofounder of The PD Avengers, a global advocacy group, determined to end PD. Join today, make your voice heard

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Sleepless in Toronto...

PD is a 24 hour disease...


How this disease affects women differently and what this means.


“You may not have control over your diagnosis, but how you face the challenges is yours to determine.”

“You must abandon your fear of the future in order to begin living your present...”

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