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In the fight against chronic disease, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.

Dr. Soania Mathur

Unshakeable MD is a bit tongue-in-cheek. The MD part is obvious. The unshakeable part references the tremor that often accompanies Parkinson’s disease, a diagnosis I received over 20 years ago. It also refers to the lessons that I have learned during my journey with a chronic illness – that you can learn to thrive not just survive.


Unshakeable doesn't mean you're invincible, that your journey with chronic diseases will not be challenging. Unshakeable instead refers to an unwavering commitment to optimizing your quality of life despite the challenges - to recognize that you are not defined by your diagnosis, that we may not have control over our diagnosis but how we face the challenges that it inevitably brings, is ours to determine. Unshakeable encompasses the overall optimism and sheer stubbornness that allows us to move beyond our disease, to take charge, to determine our life experience...

Acceptance, outlook, education and active management of your disease are all important in optimizing your quality of life. Through Unshakeable MD, I hope to share this life journey with you, to inspire and be inspired by our life experiences and the wisdom gained from facing the challenges of chronic disease.

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